Manage and version prompts with your team

HoneyHive Studio enables your entire team to manage, version, and edit all their prompt templates, model variants, and OpenAI functions within a shared, collaborative workspace.

Prompt Studio

HoneyHive enables collaborative prompt engineering.

Access 100+ models

Our Playground is model-agnostic by design, and comes with native integrations with closed-source model providers and all major GPU clouds.

Live collaboration

HoneyHive makes it easy for your entire team to iterate on new prompts, comment on interesting findings and share best-practices.

Automatic version control

HoneyHive automatically saves prompt versions as you iterate and run new prompts in the Playground.

1-click deployment

Our optional proxy endpoint makes it easy to manage deployments and swiftly roll back changes without touching code.

External tools and functions

Use your private or any public data sources in the Playground, with built-in integrations with vector databases and tools like SerpAPI.

Involve domain experts

Invite domain experts like PMs, CSMs, and financial analysts to contribute to prompt engineering.

A shared workspace for developers and domain experts to iterate on prompts

Automatic version control

Never lose a good prompt ever again, with automatic version control and history

Tools & functions

Use your own private data in the Playground by integrating external tools like Pinecone

100+ models available

Access 100+ closed and open-source models, or integrate your own.

Deploy and manage prompts in production with our optional proxy

Deploy in seconds. Our 1-click deployment interface makes it easy for anyone to update prompt templates.

Swiftly roll back changes. Quickly roll back changes if performance degrades in production.

Sub-50ms latency. We use Cloudfare Workers to make sure we don't add any additional overhead to your infrastructure.

Iteratively improve your LLM-powered products.