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AI Performance and Reliability, Delivered

HoneyHive makes it easy for modern AI teams to continuously evaluate, monitor, and optimize LLM applications.

Powering the world’s best AI products.
From next-gen copilots to multi-agent systems.

The enterprise platform for building AI applications

Offline Evaluations. Test quality and performance during development.
Monitoring. Monitor, evaluate, and debug your app in production.
Datasets. Filter and curate datasets for fine-tuning and evaluation.
Prompt Studio. Manage and deploy prompts separate from code.
Evaluators. Measure performance of your app quantitatively.
Tracing. Trace your LLM requests, agents, and RAG pipelines.
Feedback. Collect feedback from end-users & domain experts.
Automations. Automate fine-tuning and validation workflows.
Testing and Evaluation

Test and evaluate your application, quantitatively

Evaluations help you quantify improvements, capture regressions, iterate faster, and deploy changes with confidence.

Offline Evaluators. Code, LLM, and human evaluators.
Evaluation Runs. Run batch evals and track experiments.
Benchmarking. Compare evaluation runs side-by-side.
Continuous integration. Set up automated CI testing.
Datasets. Create golden datasets for every scenario.
Traces and spans. Run trace and span-level evaluations.
Tracing and Observability

Monitor and debug your application, continuously

Trace, evaluate, and monitor your live production traffic to catch LLM failures as they happen and resolve issues with speed.

Online Evaluators. Set up live evaluations to detect failures.
Human Feedback. Capture feedback from your users.
Filters and groups. Slice & dice your data for deeper analysis.
Custom Charts. Track key metrics in a team dashboard.
Tracing. Trace your chains, agents, and RAG pipelines.
Debugging. Debug traces and root cause errors with AI.
Prompt Studio

Iterate with your team at the speed of thought

A shared workspace for engineers, PMs, and domain experts to collaboratively iterate on prompts.

Playground. Test new prompts and models with your team.
Prompt History. Logs all your Playground interactions.
Version Tracking. Track prompt changes across teams.
Deployments. Manage prompt templates separate from code.
100+ Models. Access all major LLMs, or bring your own.
Tools. Manage functions and Integrate external tools.
Datasets and Labelling

Use your data to gain a competitive advantage

Rapidly filter, label, and curate golden datasets from your logs to fine-tune and customize your models.

Labelling. Allow annotators to provide ground-truth labels.
Exploration. Curate and explore your datasets easily.
Programmatic export. Export datasets via our API.
Automations. Build CI testing and active learning pipelines.
Lineage. Track lineage across datasets and production logs.
Metadata. Track metadata fields across datapoints.

Any model. Any framework. Any cloud.

Model and framework agnostic. Works with any model, framework, or GPU cloud. Our Playground integrates with 100+ models out-of-the-box.

Distributed Tracing. Our data model is purpose-built to help you trace RAG pipelines and multi-agent systems.

SDK and API access. Allows you to build custom automations like active learning and model validation pipelines using your logs.

"It's critical to ensure quality and performance across our LLM agents. With HoneyHive's state-of-the-art evaluation and monitoring tools, we've not only improved the capabilities of our agents but also seamlessly deployed them to thousands of users — all while enjoying peace of mind."

Divyansh Garg

Co-Founder & CEO, MultiOn


Secure & scalable

We use a variety of industry-standard technologies and services to keep your data secure and private.

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On-prem deployment

Deploy in our managed cloud, or your private cloud. You own your data and models.

Built for enterprise scale

Our infrastructure automatically scales to millions of requests per day without breaking a sweat.

Dedicated support

Dedicated CSMs and founder-led support to help you at every step of the way.

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