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Automatically evaluate your LLM apps

Monitor and debug failures in production

Test prompts in a collaborative workspace

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The Problem

AI applications are non-deterministic.

The unpredictable nature of AI applications exposes enterprises to new operational and safety risks. Solving this requires continuous testing and evaluation across the entire application lifecycle, which is largely slow, manual, and expensive today. We're developing new workflows and techniques to scale and automate this process.

Our approach

The enterprise platform for AI evaluation and observability

HoneyHive Cloud gives you the tools, workflows, and visibility you need to confidently ship and continuously improve Generative AI products.

Run automated evaluations to ship with confidence

Set up your own evaluators to automatically benchmark performance of your app as you iterate. Invite domain experts to provide human feedback and explore test results with your team.

Monitor performance and debug failures in production

Automatically evaluate and monitor your live production data with online evaluators and human feedback. Detect failures as they happen and debug issues with speed.

Filter, label, and curate golden datasets with your team

Easily filter and curate datasets from your production logs for domain experts to label and annotate. Datasets can be exported and used for evaluations and fine-tuning.

Rapidly iterate on prompts in a collaborative workspace

Allow developers, PMs, and domain experts to manage, version, and test new prompts, models, or tools in a shared workspace.


Any model, any framework, any cloud

Model and framework agnostic. Works with any model, orchestration framework, or GPU cloud. We natively integrate with 100+ models.

Event-centric architecture. Our data model is purpose-built to handle the complexity of RAG and autonomous agents.

Simple, non-intrusive SDK. Installing HoneyHive does not require a server-side proxy.

"It's critical to ensure quality and performance across our LLM agents. With HoneyHive, we've not only improved the capabilities of our agents but also seamlessly deployed them to thousands of users — all while enjoying peace of mind."

Divyansh Garg

Co-Founder & CEO, MultiOn

A collaborative workspace for your entire team

Enterprise-grade security and support

Adopt AI robustly across your organization, with end-to-end testing, model governance, and safety guardrails.

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Private cloud hosting

Deploy in our managed cloud, or your private cloud. You own your data and models.

Built for enterprise scale

Cloud native architecture automatically scales up to millions of requests.

Dedicated support

Dedicated CSMs and founder-led support to help you at every step of the way.

Ship reliable AI products that your users trust