Rapidly debug complex agents and RAG pipelines

Debugging multi-step chains can be hard. HoneyHive allows you to debug complex chains, agents, and data retrieval pipelines with full visibility into the entire sequence of events and any sources of error.

Find the root cause behind errors in your agents

LLM apps fail due to issues in either the prompt, model, or your data retrieval pipeline. With full visibility into the entire chain of events, you can quickly pinpoint errors and iterate with confidence.

Debug chains, agents, tools and RAG pipelines

Root cause errors with AI-assisted RCA

Integrates with leading orchestration frameworks

Model and framework agnostic architecture.

Simple Python and Typescript tracers. Easy to integrate with your existing codebase and pipeline logic.

Any model, any framework, any cloud. Works with any model, orchestration framework, or GPU cloud.

Event-centric data model. Helps you debug LLM chains, agents, and RAG pipelines with end-to-end visibility.

Debug complex chains and agents at lightning speed.